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  • Alright, it's time for a new update after some long time. I've added some plugins which I will list below...
    • Countryflags: You may already have noticed them - for example the german flag on the left - but if not, there you go. You can add/change flags if you click on your username on top of the page and choose "Settings" from there you can set and change the flag.
    • Who's Online Marking: You also may already have noticed it, but to make stuff nicer, aesthetically, you can now see the username color corresponding to the usergroup (i.e. Admins, Mods, Banneds, etc) both on the main page where the subforums are listed and on posts.
    • Who Was Online?: On the bottom of the index page you can now see who was online the last 24 hours. Not too useful, but nice I guess.
    • Tapatalk Support: The most useful update as of now. If you don't know what Tapatalk is, click here. With it, you can browse/post/reply/etc on forums with ease on the go with your Smartphone & Windows 8. Once you got the app and signed
  • SGD Hacking Contest 2013!!!


    Hello guys, it's finally happening; our first official hacking contest! :D

    The judges are Bakayote and me and the deadline will be on 14th December 2013, so you guys should have a whopping 2 months to finish your hack or enter as much as possible! Your hack(s) need to be emailed to with the template below, which you need to fill out. There's Public, Half-Private and Private. If you've chosen either Public or Half-Private there will be a thread about it where other people can comment on. Public will have the download included and Half-Private just screenshots.

    The 3 best and worst/joke hacks will be chosen by us, the judges, and the winners will be announced on New Year's Eve.

    Now without further ado, let's get to the rules...

    RULES wrote:

    #1: No stolen content. 'nuff said.

    #2: Hacks with barely notable changes--for example

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