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  • I'm happy, really happy to announce that the SGD chat is finally up and working again and the solution was actually pretty simple! Anyways...

    # For those that don't have an IRC client, just click on the "Chat" tab right next to the Filebase, enter your username and join. Simple as that.

    ## For those that have an IRC client, the server is "" and the channel is "#sgd".

    Now for some useful IRC commands:

    /nick NICKNAME - Change your nickname in the chat
    /j #channel - Join another channel
    /msg NickServ REGISTER password email - Register your nickname on the server
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password - Log in via your nick (this is especially useful when you got VoiceOP, OP, SuperOP and AdminOP in the channel)

    Keep in mind that if you don't log in with your registered nick for 90 days, it will expire and thus you have to register it again.

    It is suggested that you keep a tab for the chat open and another one for browsing the forums if you want to stay on the…
  • Since this didn't get much attention, I might 'swell talk about it here.

    §1. Webhosting

    If you don't know what webhosting is, it's basically your personal online filespace. If you want to see an example, take a look here.
    If you want folders to be private, simply put an empty/self-written index.html file in there. How are you gonna do that? With FileZilla Client. Once you got your filespace, I'll send you both the instructions and the credentials to log in.

    Though there are some criteria that need to be met before you can request webhosting:

    ~ Minimum: 500 posts *
    ~ at least a member for 7 months *

    * may change in the future

    Once the criteria is met, throw over a private message to me.

    From time to time I make a backup of the files to ensure you the best "service", to keep the data safe in case of loss. Please try to avoid uploading copyrighted material though, because I don't want to get in trouble with the…
  • So I actually got off my butt and after some complaints that the old rules thread wasn't accessible due it being in a super sekrit subforum, here I am.

    #1. DON'T SPAM! You're free to spam at your hearts content here.

    #2. If you don't know what to post, then don't. Just increasing your post count doesn't make you any more special. This also means NO one-liners or a word.

    #3. Every time you double-/triple-post in a short period of time, god kills a kitten. Please, think of the kitten and use the edit-button! Unless it's really worth another post.

    #4. Necroposting is OK, but just if it's important/wortg enough - i.e. reporting dead link, asking about progress, etc you get the idea.

    #5. No off-topic please. It's just annoying. You can make new threads for these or PM an user here.

    I'll update this thread once there are either more rules or rules that need to be updated, so check back from time to time.
  • Alright, it's time for a new update after some long time. I've added some plugins which I will list below...
    • Countryflags: You may already have noticed them - for example the german flag on the left - but if not, there you go. You can add/change flags if you click on your username on top of the page and choose "Settings" from there you can set and change the flag.
    • Who's Online Marking: You also may already have noticed it, but to make stuff nicer, aesthetically, you can now see the username color corresponding to the usergroup (i.e. Admins, Mods, Banneds, etc) both on the main page where the subforums are listed and on posts.
    • Who Was Online?: On the bottom of the index page you can now see who was online the last 24 hours. Not too useful, but nice I guess.
    • Tapatalk Support: The most useful update as of now. If you don't know what Tapatalk is, click here. With it, you can browse/post/reply/etc on forums with ease on the go with your Smartphone & Windows 8. Once you got the app and signed